Jesus writes to the 7 churches in Revelation.. and to us: Dear Church.. Where’s the love?

On Sunday, September 9th,  we will continue our sermon series on Jesus’ letters the seven churches in the book of Revelation. This week Jesus draws our attention to the faithful congregation in the city of Ephesus. In this letter to the church Jesus shows us that we can be hard-working, we can reject false teaching, and we can persevere through the most difficult situations, and we can still fail for the lack of one essential thing – love.

I invite you to prepare for this sermon series by reading through  chapters 2-3 from the book of Revelation. As you do I want you to notice how each of the seven messages  have features common to most of them:

  • There is a reminder of who speaks to the church – Jesus
  • a commendation
  • a complaint
  • a command
  • a call to listen to the spirit, and
  • a promise to those who overcome

Jesus’ messages to the churches in Asia minor, in what is now Turkey, are challenge to Christians in every time and place to face the complexities of everyday life with assurance that because He is risen from the dead we can overcome, if we only listen to and trust Him.

For some interesting background on the church in Ephesus I invite you to watch the following video:

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