In case you missed worship this Sunday.. Sermon and Bible study

Sermon The sermon this week was entitled “Dear Ephesus…Where’s the love?” (Rev. 2:1-7) you can download the handout HERE. Reflect and Discuss
  1. How does the description of Jesus in 2:1 give you comfort for the trials in your life?
  2. What good deeds does God have for you to do? How can your church emulate the Ephesians’ diligent efforts?
  3. Why do you think Jesus was just as concerned with doctrine as He was with good works?
  4. What doctrinal tests would you give to those who want to lead and teach in the local church?
  5. Why does Jesus use such strong language for His feelings towards the Nicolaitans? How should we reflect Jesus’ heart while still loving our neighbor?
  6. How can you apply the threefold prescription to remember, repent, and return?
  7. Reflect on the place you first fell in love with Christ. What works marked that period of time in your spiritual journey?
  8. How would you explain what it means to be a “victor” or overcomer in the Christian life?
  9. What makes paradise wonderful, from a biblical perspective, and how does this contrast with popular conceptions of heaven?
Bible Study The Bible study was “Habakkuk: How to Keep you faith when your world is falling apart” you can download the handouts HERE and HERE. I encourage you to watch the background video below:  

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