Our Vision

The mission of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church is “Growing in faith; Serving God’s people.”
We believe that God is calling us at St. Michael’s to grow in our faith, learning to trust God and each other. We also believe that God is calling us to serve all people, that the church exists for the sake and well-being of the world.

Our vision statement demonstrates just what the St. Michael’s faith community does to grow in faith and serve:

We are a community growing in faith! We continue to strengthen our faith by:

  • Gathering for worship weekly to listen to the good news that God loves the world
  • Welcoming people at any point on their journey of faith, embracing their questions, passions, and pain as our own
  • Exploring the intersection of faith and everyday life
  • Sharing food, stories, skills, and dreams to enrich our common life

We are a community serving God’s people! Filled with the Spirit, we strive to:

  • Live each day at work and play as followers of Jesus
  • Speak words of good news that give people life
  • Work to end suffering in Hustisford and our region
  • Give ourselves away for the sake of the world